Rat Age to Human Age: Find Out How Old Your Rats Are in Human Years

Have you ever wondered how your rats’ age translates to human age? Are your rats teenagers, young adults or maybe even middle aged guys or gals? You don’t have to wonder anymore because our rat age to human age calculator will give you just the information you need!

Even though, on average, one rat month is comparable to three human years, that calculation doesn’t take into account the different developmental phases of a rat’s life. Rats become sexually mature at around 6 weeks of age while social maturity is developed at 5-6 months of age. Their childhood is much more accelerated compared to humans so they become an adult as young as 6 months of age. Our calculator takes these developmental phases into account for the most accurate result.

Input your rat’s age in the form below and check how old your rats are in human years.

Rat Age to Human Years Chart

If you’d prefer to use a rat age to human age chart, check our graphic below!

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Rat age to human years chart

Survey made by the Ratty Corner website has showed that the average lifespan for pet rats is 25.6 months – so just over 2 years of age. When we put it in human years, it means that rats live to be 65 on average.

From our experience, rats start showing visible signs of old age when they reach 2.5 – 3 years which would be 75 – 90 in human years.

Learn more about pet rat lifespan and what you can do to help extend your pets’ lives.

The rat to human age data was sourced from the following research: The Laboratory Rat: Relating Its Age With Human’s.

How old are your rats in human years? Let us know in the comment section below!


      1. I had my young boy until (109 ) unfortunately liver disease took him early, definitely could have gone to 120.

  1. Our first ratty boy (straight eared) died at 23 months however our other boy is still going strong at nearly 28 months.(Dumbo) From my research it would seem an animals life span is governed by it’s heart rate. Small animals have very fast heart beats, where larger animals have much slower one’s, so they live longer. This may account why the larger Gambian pouched rat can live substantially longer than any other rat variety.

  2. My Devin was 3 years old last October so he’s 42 months now which means he’s 105!

  3. Our boy are 90 years old today. Our one rattler female lived 5.5 years and when Isabella died it was in my wife’s hands

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