Eays DIY Bird Feeder Made of Craft Sticks

Eays DIY Bird Feeder Made of Craft Sticks

Did you know that there are over 10 000 bird species in the world? And North America is a home to no less than 914 bird species! With so many birds out there, I am sure we will attract a few to your yard using this simple DIY bird feeder!

Northern Cardinals, Mourning Dove, American Robin, European Starling and House Sparrow are just some of the most common backyard birds in the USA. You can enjoy the company of many colorful bird species such as Cardinals and Blue Jays by placing the bird feeder out for them to feed.

The best thing is that you don’t need to spend a lot of money on a bird feeder because you can make one at home. A few basic supplies found in most stores and 30 minutes of your time is all you need. If you have children, this will be a perfect crafty project for the entire family!

This project was inspired by a similar bird feeder from Tonya Staab.

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How to make a DIY bird feeder



Step 1. Take one of the craft sticks and cut it in half.

Step 2. Take two craft sticks and use a sharp end of the scissors to make small holes in each end.

DIY Bird Feeder step 1 and 2

Step 3. Lay out 8 craft sticks side by side in a square shape. In order to keep the crafts sticks from moving, use the glue gun to attach craft sticks going the opposite direction on the bottom of the sticks (as shown). Repeat this with another craft stick on the top.

DIY Bird Feeder - step 3

Step 4. Flip the craft sticks over and glue two craft sticks to two opposite ends.

DIY Bird Feeder - step 4

Step 5. Next, glue two more sticks on the other opposite ends and continue on layering the sticks in this way to build up the area where the bird seed will go.

TIP: While you are layering the craft sticks, put a bead of glue along the inside center of each stick to help contain the smaller pieces of bird seed so they do not fall through these gaps.

Step 6. When you have built up about 5 layers, glue the two halves on opposite ends of the bird feeder (as shown).

DIY Bird Feeder - step 6

Step 7. Build up another 5 layers of crafts sticks.

DIY Bird Feeder - step 7

Step 8. Cut two lengths of string that are approximately 18 inches long.

Step 9. Thread the ends of the string through the holes in the two craft strings. On each one, tie the ends in a knot underneath the craft sticks and secure with a bit of craft glue.

DIY Bird Feeder - steps 8 and 9

Step 10. Glue these two craft sticks to the top of the bird feeder.

DIY Bird Feeder - step 10

Step 11. Measure the length of rope you will need to hang the bird feeder. Double the length of string and feed it through the strings on the bird feeder. Tie the string in a bow knot to hang on a tree branch.

DIY Bird Feeder - step 11

Step 12. Hang the bird feeder outside where you can spray paint it or place the feeder outside on newspaper. Spray the bird feeder following the directions on the can. If it needs a second coat, wait for the first coat to dry.

DIY Bird Feeder - step 12

Step 13. Once the bird feeder is dry, fill it with birdseed. Keep in mind that different bird species have different seed preferences. Depending on the bird species you want to attract, you’ll have to get the seeds that they love. Or you can opt for a mixture of different seeds such as the Wagner’s 62059 Greatest Variety Blend which will attract the most common backyard birds.

DIY Bird Feeder - step 13

Step 14. Hang the bird feeder outside on a branch for the birds.

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How to make a DIY bird feeder

Will you give this DIY bird feeder a try?

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  1. I am always thrilled when I find a craft that is easy like this! Especially when it helps wildlife! We have so many birds in our area and I look forward to creating one of these DIY Birdfeeders with my daughter.

  2. Love this!! As soon as I saw it I had deja vu, because as kids we used to make boxes like this. Never thought of using it as a bird feeder though…brilliant. I usually buy mine in the dollar store, but I think I’m going to give this a try… much more fun.

  3. This looks like such a fun and easy craft to do! I always love watching all the different birds that come to eat at the bird feeder. I’ll have to try this craft one day this summer.

  4. I love this post, because it’s an easy crafting project, which is achievable but also it is good for the garden. I love encouraging birds into our gardens, we have birds nesting in our boxes at the moment!

  5. I don’t have a bird however I definitely love DIY projects. I’ve pinned this post for my birdloving/DIY crafters to try. It looks really simple to make. It turned out nice!

  6. Your step-by-step photo instructions are very clear and organized. I always appreciate it when I find DIY projects that include images. It makes it so much easier! We love going for walks and watching for birds. It’s always especially fun to see cardinals. They are a favorite.

  7. This would be a great activity to do with kids! My kids always enjoyed making things like this, and I think it helped foster a love of wildlife too.

  8. OMG this DIY bird feeder is so cute! I have to show my mom, I can totally see her doing this. I love the end size and great color choice.

  9. I love this. My parents in Wisconsin have loads of cardinals in their yard. But I’d need a squirrel proof feeder for sure.

  10. I absolutely love this! It is so creative and looks easy enough for a non-crafty person like myself. I pinned it so hopefully this summer this will be a cute afternoon craft for me and my kids.

  11. My hubby would love this. He is a casual bird watcher and we get lots of visitors on our back deck. Unfortunately he has had bad luck with squirrels and other pests trashing his bird feeders so I’ll show him how to replace them.

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