Cat-Related Content Is Now on My New Cat Blog Meows ‘n’ Paws. Take a Look!

by Monika
New cat blog Meows 'n' Paws

In June last year, I started blogging here at Animallama to share my tips for taking good care of those furry family members we love so much. I focused on writing about cats, dogs, rats, guinea pigs and rabbits and occasionally wild birds too (those aren’t really pets but I love birds so I couldn’t help it).

Anyway, now, after months and months of blogging I came to a conclusion that writing about so many different species, no matter how fun, is not easy at all and it is too time-consuming to cover each pet with enough interesting and relevant topics.

That’s why I decided to create a dedicated blog covering cats only – you can see it here Meows ‘n’ Paws. I will focus on cat topics on Meows ‘n’ Paws but I will continue to write about other pets here too, just not as often. I was always a crazy cat lady and I had cats my whole life (now too) so I feel I have a lot of useful cat-related content to share.

On Animallama, I will also publish posts from my 2 blogging friends who have various pets and love to write about them so you’ll always have something useful and interesting to read here too.

If you are owned by a cat or love cats, I invite you to check out my new cat blog Meows ‘n’ Paws and I hope you’ll stick around!

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