Best Dog Frisbees / Flying Discs to Play Fetch With Your Pooch

by Monika
Best dog frisbee

Does your dog love to run, jump and catch? A ball is great for a quick game of fetch, but if you want to give your canine pal a good workout (and have a load of fun in the process), you should invest in a frisbee or a flying disc.

If your doggy loves to leap, entertain them by throwing a frisbee or disc and watch as your pooch races in delight to catch it before it lands. Not only can your dog play catch and fetch with their new toy, but they will also enjoy carrying the frisbee along in their mouth.

Types of frisbees / flying discs

There are various flying discs and frisbees available for you to buy, floppy fabric discs, lightweight plastic discs, rubber discs, and rigid discs.

They tend to offer different properties, such as being lightweight, durability or being made from bite resistant material.

Choosing the best dog frisbee

Let’s consider what the disc will be used for – it should be able to fly through the air, enticing your dog to run after it, catch it and bring it back to you (hopefully)!

The disc should not cause any injury to your four-legged friend. If it’s too sturdy it could hurt your dog’s mouth.

However, the disc should also be resilient, dogs have sharp teeth that can easily puncture certain objects. If your frisbee is in ruins after one or two games it will feel like you have wasted your money on an inferior product.

The best dog frisbees

There are plenty of great brands on the market – let’s check out a few of the best dog frisbees that are sold at the moment.

Furry Fido Flyer

Furry Fido Flyer

Furry Fido Flyer – check current price on Amazon

Made from top-quality natural rubber, this flying disc is safe and durable. Its aerodynamic design allows the Furry Fido Flyer to fly through the air with ease and it will offer hours of entertainment for you and your dog.

The disc is soft and flexible and designed to be comfortable for your dog to catch. More than just a frisbee, you can flip the Flyer over and use it as a water bowl too (fabulous for sunny days in the park)!

The disc is waterproof and will float, so you won’t lose it in the lake or have to retrieve it from the bottom of your pool. If your Furry Fido Flyer gets mucky after all that play you can even pop it in your dishwasher, oh and there’s no nasty plastic smell, this product has a natural milky scent. What’s more, it comes with a lifetime guarantee!

To sum it up:

  • soft and flexible
  • can be used as a water bowl
  • waterproof, floats on water
  • suitable for chewers as it is very resilient

Flippy Flopper Flying Disc for Dogs

flippy flopper flying disc

Flippy Flopper Disc – check current price on Amazon

The Flippy Flopper (I love the name) comes in a pack of 10, so there are plenty to throw about! Each disc measures a sizeable 9” and is made from durable nylon and soft rubber.

The Flippy Flopper Flying Disc has a sturdy outer ring (though not too hard that it will hurt your dog’s mouth as he soars to catch it). Flippy Floppy floats in the water, enabling you to have fun throwing your disc into a lake or perhaps a pool – most dogs love a good splash!

This flying disc is well suited to less energetic dogs, as the design isn’t quite as robust as some of the others on the market. Although the frisbee glides well, it might not survive an energetic game of tug!

To sum it up:

  • soft
  • suits less energetic dogs
  • floats on water

Chuckit! Paraflight

Chuckit flying disc

Chuckit! Paraflight Disc – check current price on Amazon

This flying disc is designed to sail effortlessly through the sky (covering long distances). The Chuckit Paraflight is great if you are looking to exercise a lively dog breed who likes to run and play frisbee (think border collies and Labrador retrievers).

Alongside it’s flying capabilities it is also designed to float, so you can throw it into the water and let your dog have some fun in the stream or pool, as they go and retrieve it. The Chuckit! Paraflight has a resilient nylon inner which is surrounded by soft rubber. This prevents your dog hurting his mouth when catching it.

The manufacturers have designed the Chuckit so it incorporates elevated edges which minimize the amount of doggy dribble you come into contact with.

The soft material does make this disc easy to throw and you can rest easy that your pup won’t hurt themselves when playing with it. However, the Chuckit! isn’t quite as hardy as some of the other flying discs on the market, and overly rough play could lead to tears and rips in the nylon.

To sum it up:

  • covering long distances
  • soft material that won’t hurt your dog
  • not as hardy as some other frisbees
  • floats on water

Hyperflite – Jawz Ultra-Tough

Jawz flying disc

Hyperflite Jawz Disc – check current price on Amazon

If your four-legged friend is a little on the overexcited side and loves to play rough, then the Hyperflite – Jawz Ultra-Tough could be the right choice for you. This disc is relatively large at 8 ¾”.

The Hyperflite is made with resilient hi-tech polymers and its surface has been designed to allow your doggy to get a really good grip when he catches and carries the disc (the surface grip has even been patented).

This disc has been billed as the “world’s toughest competition approved canine flying disc,” high praise indeed and for those with a good technique, it can fly far.

For those without the necessary expertise, the Hyperflite may not travel as far as you hoped (practice makes perfect I guess), but it is exceptionally resilient. You won’t get any teeth or puncture marks on the Hyperflite – it’s designed to last a long time.

To sum it up:

  • suitable for energetic dogs that love to chew on things
  • surface designed for a good grip
  • it can fly very far with a good technique

NNIUK Natural Rubber Flying Saucer

NNIUK flying disc

NNIUK Flying Saucer – check current price on Amazon

The NNIUK flying saucer is designed with a thin center and thick curved edge – allowing for great flight. This flying frisbee is made from top-notch natural rubber, which is naturally flexible and hard-wearing. The 7” NNIUK Flying Saucer is robust enough to prevent your dog from biting or chewing it. However, it is still flexible, so your dog can safely catch this flying disc without fear of hurting his teeth or gums.

You can throw it in the sea, swimming pool or lake, knowing it won’t sink. The slenderness and flexibility of this disc can detract slightly from its strength and larger dogs may damage it with rough play.

To sum it up:

  • floats on water
  • suitable for smaller dogs and non-chewers
  • soft and flexible
  • larger dogs may damage it with rough play

Flying Dog Frisbee by Forty Sycamore

Flying Dog Frisbee

Flying Dog Frisbee – check current price on Amazon

A lightweight but resilient 8” frisbee that is designed to be suitable for all breeds. The Flying Dog Frisbee by Forty Sycamore is supple and bendy, and made from heavy-duty silicone, so it’s made to last. You can enjoy entertaining your canine pal with a game of fetch or catch and the good news is the Flying Dog Frisbee is bright yellow – no chance of losing it in that long grass!

On a pleasant note the manufacturers of the Flying Dog Frisbee – Forty Sycamore, believe in charity and proceeds from sales of the Flying Dog Frisbee go to the ELPO (East Lake Pet Orphanage). The ELPO cares for orphaned animals, with the aim of finding new homes for the pets in their care. A worthy cause indeed!

To sum it up:

  • durable and suitable for all breeds
  • not easy to damage
  • easily visible yellow color

Flyer Dog Toy by Flyber

Flyber Flying Disc

Flyer Dog Toy – check current price on Amazon

The bright green Flyer Dog Toy by Flyber certainly stands out. Designed for indoor and outdoor fun, this 9” disc can boast the accolade of being the “the first double-sided flying disk for dogs and their owners.” The Flyer Dog toy is lightweight (it’s made from soft material rather than hard plastic), so it won’t last forever and might not fare well if used by very lively doggies, but it will offer plenty of entertainment for your four-legged friend.

The material is high-quality and contains no toxins, so you don’t have to worry about your pampered pooch. The Flyer floats well in water too so you can enjoy chucking it in the lake or pool, just move out of the way when your pup climbs out and shakes all of that water off!

To sum it up:

  • soft so might not be the best choice for very energetic dogs
  • floats on water


Frisbee’s and flying discs offer a fabulous method of giving your dog (and you) plenty of exercise, while having a great time. The type of frisbee or disc you choose will depend on the breed of your dog and the properties you feel will suit your pup.

Big, boisterous doggies will need durable, hard-wearing discs (if you are looking for something that lasts). Smaller, more placid pooches will be happy toying with a lightweight disc that they can easily catch and run with.

Whichever you choose, be sure to get outside with your dog as much as possible, enjoy the fresh air and spend some quality time bonding with your much-loved doggy. And don’t forget to treat your dog with well-deserved dog treats after a good game of fetch!

Do you and your dog play catch with a frisbee?

Let me know in the comments 🙂

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