About Animallama


Welcome to Animallama, my small blog project where I share the love for animals as well as pet care tips, advice and product recommendations.

With this blog, I aim to help pet owners take care of their pets with pet care tips and hacks while recommending only high-quality pet products that our pets deserve!

A few words about me… My name is Monika and I have had pets my whole life. Primarily there were cats – more than 25 cats from when I was born. Not all of those cats were indoor cats though, some of them were strays that liked being around our house so we started taking care of them and calling them ours.

Meet some of our pets

My pets

Some friends help me with the blog occasionally, so you’ll sometimes see authors other than myself. But no matter who writes it, we make sure to research the topic completely and always provide the best info we can!

What I write about

The list will keep on expanding as I blog… 🙂

What you will not find on this website

  • Pet bird posts – I think birds should be able to fly free and I feel bad seeing them in cages. I do however write about wild birds now and then.
  • Exotic pets – exotic animals belong in their natural habitat.
  • Medical information – I am not a vet so I don’t feel comfortable talking about pet medical information. I occasionally write about some health issues such as fleas etc. and I recommend products that worked for me and are noninvasive for the pets, but medical info and advice is not something you can find on this website. I suggest you talk about medical issues to your vet only or visit a website by a professional veterinarian.

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Enjoy the rest of the day with your pet(s)!