Welcome to Animallama, a blog educating small pet owners on how to take good care of their adorable pets!

My name is Monika and I started this blog because I wanted to create the best and most reliable source of information for small pet owners to learn how to properly care for their pets, with an emphasis on ethical care and science-based advice.

If you’re an owner of small pets such as guinea pigs, rabbits, rats, mice, or hamsters, make sure to read through our posts to find valuable tips on how to keep your pets happy and healthy! Our blog posts are written by experienced and knowledgeable small pet owners with years of experience.

Monika Kucic

Website owner, writer & editor

Our writers:

Emily Bingham author

Emily Bingham

Writing about rabbits

Emily has strong background working in animal care with small animals like rabbits, guinea pigs, and more. She has been keeping rabbits as pets for over 16 years, which has granted her with a wealth of knowledge.

Katelynn Sobus author

Katelynn Sobus

Writing about guinea pigs

Katelynn Sobus has 10 years of experience caring for guinea pigs. She’s owned four in her lifetime and continues to stay up to date on their care by listening to experts, reading studies, and talking to piggy owners.

Alison Blyth author
Alison’s heart rat

Alison Blyth

Writing about rats

Alison Blyth has been keeping rats since 2000. After 20 years specializing in rehabilitating animals with medical or behavioral problems, she is now working to breed a line of rats with reduced susceptibility to common health issues.

Beri Instone author
Beri’s mouse

Beri Instone

Contributor to our mice, rats, and hamster posts

Beri Instone is small rodent wrangler extraordinaire and custodian of many mice, hamsters, and rats. She’s providing her expertise and contributing to our posts with her valuable experience.

Bethany Crane author

Bethany Crane

Writing about rats

Bethany Crane is a fully qualified veterinary care assistant personally experienced in keeping rats as pets. She also has a rich professional experience with rat care (husbandry, veterinary care and enrichment).

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