15 Gifts for Hamster Lovers & Owners

Gifts for hamster lovers

Finding the perfect gift for a friend or family member can be quite the challenge. However, if you happen to know that they are passionate about hamsters, consider yourself lucky! That little piece of information is a fantastic starting point that will make your search much easier.

As a fellow hamster enthusiast, I curated a list of what I believe to be awesome gift ideas that will surely bring joy to any hamster aficionado.

Get ready to explore a selection of gift for hamster lovers, including options for hamster owners, kids who are absolutely crazy about these furry critters, and yes, even gifts for the hamsters themselves!

Gifts for Hamster Lovers & Owners

Hamster Tote Bag

Tote bag
Image by RhondaLuluArt – Etsy

This adorable tote bag will surely be a hit with your hamster-loving friend or family member. I mean look at this thing, isn’t it absolutely cute? I sure think so! It’s a perfect bag to go shopping or to the beach. But wherever the bag goes, compliments will fall.

Hamster PVC Sign / Plaque

Hamster sign
Image by Meijiafei Store – Amazon

Just what a hamster owner needs to decorate the part of their home where their hamster lives. This stylish sign will make the main feature of the room!

You can choose from three cute and funny captions:

  • “A Spoiled Hamster Lives Here”
  • “A Crazy Hamster Lady Lives Here”
  • “A House is Not A Home Without A Hamster”

Cute Hamster Slippers

Slippers make a great gift for hamster lovers
Image by LANFIRE Store – Amazon

There’s nothing better than slipping into cozy warm slippers on a cold winter day after coming home from work. But it gets even better when those slippers are not only cozy and warm but in the shape of your favorite animal – hamsters.

Hamster Phone Case

Hamster phone case
Image by LillFox – Etsy

A phone case is something most of us use so it’s not the type of gift that you receive and forget about in 2 days – you use it for quite some time. A big plus is when the phone case has an adorable print such as this strawberry-eating hamster.

Hamster Coffee Mug

Coffee mug
Image by HippoAndKelpie – Etsy

A coffee mug with a large number of hamsters on it (there’s no such thing as too many hamsters after all) that comes in 11 ounces and 15 ounces capacity. It’s the perfect gift for hamster lovers who enjoy a warm cup of coffee or tea in the morning.

Hamster Earrings

Hamster earrings
Image by HezeilJewelry – Etsy

Cute handmade hamster earrings that come in different styles and combinations. You can choose from a white and brown hamster, all brown, gray or white hamsters.

A good idea is to choose the color of earnings based on the color of a hamster your friend or family member has.

Funny T-shirt

Scared hamster shirt
Image by MatoMatoTotesAndTees – Etsy

Adoption of the famous “The Scream” painting, but with a shocked hamster instead. I think it’s pretty hilarious and would make a great conversation starter – and we all know how much hamster owners love talking about their hamsters so it’s a win win.


Image by Ever Hamster Publisher – Amazon

A simple gift that will appeal to most people who still use notebooks. A cute hamster cover with 100 blank pages, and can be used for school, collage, as a diary or planner.  

Makeup Bag with Hamsters

Cosmetic bag
Image by Blue Leaves – Amazon

If your hamster-loving friend also loves makeup, this cosmetic bag might be just what you’re looking for. It has a cute double-sided print “Just a Girl Who Loves Hamsters” and it’s 100% waterproof.

Hamster Gift Ideas for Kids

Children are often the ones who spend the most time with their pet hamster and enjoy their company the most. If you’re looking for a hamster-themed gift for your child, a nephew or someone else, here are a few suggestions they might like.

Hamster Stickers

Hamster stickers
Image by Cotrida – Amazon

Stickers are great because there are so many different uses for them and they can be plastered wherever you want – on a notebook, bottle water, laptop, phone, bicycle. The sky’s the limit!

Hamster Coloring Book

Coloring book
Image by Ghasi Art Press – Amazon

This hamster coloring book makes an awesome gift for kids ages 4-8. It includes over 30 different coloring designs for hours and hours of fun (and some relaxing time for the mom and dad). It’s also an enjoyable way for kids to practice their motor skills.

Talking Hamster

Talking hamster toy
Image by Tonmp – Amazon

This hamster plush toy has a talk back function that repeats everything you say in a funny and high pitched voice! How fun is that? Not only does it talk back, but it can also walk. It makes a hilarious and fun gift for the kids.

Gifts for Hamsters

Hamster owners always welcome a gift for their pets too. They love to spoil their cute little rodents. So in addition to the gift that you picked out for the hamster lover in your life, you can include a gift for their pet as well. Watching a hamster enjoy their new toy or mix of herbs is something every hamster owner loves.

When getting a gift for the hamster, make sure to do your research instead of buying the first hamster item you see in the pet shop. You don’t want to buy anything that is harmful or dangerous for the hamster such as a hamster ball. It’s best to stick to the items that you know would benefit their hamster and could be of good use. Here are some suggestions:

Herb Mix

Forage mix
Image by Rosewood Pet – Amazon

There are many forage mixes out there for small animals but some might contain ingredients that are not safe for hamsters.

With this forage mix, you can’t go wrong because it contains only safe ingredients that hamsters adore. Your friend’s hamster will be in heaven when he gets to try this herb mix.

Delicious Apple Sticks

Apple sticks
Image by Bojafa – Amazon

Hamsters have teeth that never stop growing so they need to chew and gnaw on things all the time to wear them down and prevent them from getting dangerously large. That’s why hamster owners always benefit from getting chews for their hamsters. Apple branches are a favorite among hamsters.

Hamster Toys

Hamster toys
Image by ZALALOVA Store – Amazon

If these apple sticks don’t seem like the perfect gift, then you might like the variety of this fun hamster chew toys. No less than 12 chew toys are included in the package so your friend’s hamster will have lots of fun work to do in the following weeks.

I hope my list of gift ideas has sparked your imagination and helped you discover some fantastic options. No matter what you decide to go with, rest assured that anything hamster-themed is bound to bring a smile to your hamster-loving friend or family member.

Remember, it’s the thought and effort behind the gift that truly counts. So whether it’s a charming hamster-themed accessory, a cute decoration, or even a whimsical hamster-inspired piece of art, the passion for these adorable critters will shine through and make the gift extra special.

What are you getting as a gift for your hamster lover friend or family member?

Let us know in the comments!

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