This Mice Care Planner is here to make your life easier and your mice happier and healthier!

With a Mice Care Planner, you’ll never forget details from important vet visits, essential info about each of your mouse, or your vet’s working hours. You can keep all the important details and information about your mice in one place.

If you tend to forget things or you write them down somewhere but you forget where, in that case a Mice Care Planner comes in handy!

How this Mice Care Planner helps you:

  • Never forget details from your vet visits, important info about each of your mice, or your vet’s working hours.
  • Keep all the important details and information about your mice in one place, such as date of birth, adoption details, medications they take, vet visits, their weight, etc.
  • Track your pets’ health and symptoms with easy-to-use health records.
  • Make sure your pet sitter is informed about your pets” needs and preferences while pet sitting your pets.

Some of the 15+ pages in our Mice Care Planner…

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Contents of this 15-page planner (+ “Mice Photos” sheets)

The Mice Care Planner comes in 2 sizes:

  • US Letter
  • A4

It consists of 15 pages / mice care sheets (plus bonus sheets for your pets’ photos):

General Info

  • Owner & Vet Info: General info about the owner, emergency and vet contacts.
  • About My Mice: General info about each of your pet such as date of birth, temperament, color/markings/coat, adoption details, etc. If you have more than 3 mice, print this page multiple times.

Health / Medical Records

  • Vet Visits: Track your pet’s vet visits, diagnosis, and advice the vet gave you.
  • Medication Records: If your pet needs to take medicine, write down all the details in this sheet.
  • Weight Records: Write down the name of your pets in the first row and easily track the weight of each of your pet.
  • Warning Signs: Symptoms to look for when your pets might be sick.

Miscellaneous Records

  • Mice Care Chores: Track all daily, weekly, or monthly chores involving your pets. Also a great way to teach the kids responsibility!
  • Recipe Card: Write down your favorite mice food recipes.
  • Weekly Food Planner: Use this sheet to write down a weekly food plan for your mice.
  • Pet Sitting Instructions: Everything your pet sitter needs to know to properly care for your pets while you’re away.


  • Shopping List: Never forget which supplies you have to buy for your pets.
  • Travel List: Never forget to bring important pet supplies when travelling.

Bonus Pages

  • Mice Photos: Attach a photo of each of your mouse with a free online tool such as PDF Editor and print it out so your pet sitter can tell them apart. There’s a sheet for 4 and 6 mouse photos. If you have more than that, print the page multiple times, each time with different mouse photos.
  • Notes: Anything else mice-related that you want to write down.

Or go to my Etsy store to purchase it with a credit card.

Important notes

This pet planner is in digital form (PDF) so you need to print it out yourself. After the payment, you will get a link to download your Mice Care Planner.

You can add photos of your pets on the “Mice Photos” sheets using a tool such as PDF Editor. Upload the planner in the PDF Editor, go to the “Mice Photos” page and click the image icon on the top left to add the mice photos. With this tool, you can edit up to 2 PDF files for free in a day.

If you are not satisfied with the planner, you can get your money back within the first 7 days of your initial purchase.

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