Best Bedding for Rabbits – Household & Store Bought Items

Make sure your bunny has a good night sleep with some of the coziest and cleanest beddings.

Best bedding for rabbits

Rabbits make great pets, and a very much a popular choice for many families. In fact choosing to keep a rabbit as a pet is very rewarding experience.

Rabbits can very much still be found in the wild, however they have been domesticated for many years, and are highly intelligent and inquisitive animals.

They come in a variety of breeds, all of which are different shapes and sizes and each bunny has their own personality. A well looked after pet rabbit usually has a lifespan of around 10 years, but some may live for even longer.

With the proper care and handling, they also give great cuddles. But always be careful, rabbits can be spooked very easily, so if you are holding yours always make sure you can put it into a place where it feels safe, like its hutch, or run in case it does get frightened by a loud or unexpected noise, for example.

Giving your bunny a safe and secure home will make sure they have a healthy and happy life, and they will repay you by being an amazing and loving pet.

The best environment for rabbits

Rabbits should live in a home that does suit their needs so you need to make sure that they have a suitable place to stay. Nidirect.gov.uk made a great guide for rabbit’s environment needs, so you can check it out. In short, you should keep in mind the following things.

Bunnies are very active and need opportunities to hop, run, jump, dig and be able to stand fully upright on their back legs or indeed stretch out fully when they lay down.

So you need to make sure the place they stay has enough room for them to be able to do all of these things which is, of course, safe and secure.

Your bunny must have a secure shelter where they can rest, feel safe and are protected from any predators and extremes of temperature and weather.

So a decent quality rabbit hutch is a must.

If they live in windy, damp, hot or poorly ventilated areas they can and will become ill. You also need to make sure that the area in which they live is kept clean so they do not suffer or get unwell.

Rabbits are super cute and very timid, they are also a prey species, which means they have a lot of predators.

Because of this, they need to hide in secure places, away from any sights or smells of predators. Make sure that they always have an access to these safe hiding places to escape if they feel afraid. They really do need to hide if they feel frightened or scared.

They also need access to constant places for them to go to the toilet, so lots of hay or straw, shredded paper. You can also use non-expanding and non-clumping cat litter in a litter tray for them.

Always keep this area where your bunny can go to the toilet away from where they sleep.

And again, always make sure that the areas where they go to the toilet, and also where they sleep are cleaned on a regular basis. Rabbits hate to live in dirt and grime, and if they do they will become stressed and unwell.

As I mentioned, rabbits need to get their exercise, however they also need to lay down fully when they go to sleep.

And rabbits love to sleep!

You should always make sure that your bunny has enough warm, dry bedding and also make sure that it is safe for them to eat as they will tend to munch and nibble on it. And, of course, don’t forget to give them the occasional rabbit treat they deserve!

Always make sure that the bedding you provide for your bunny is dust free straw or hay.

What can I use for my bunny to sleep on?

Bedding items for bunnies

There are several different kinds of bedding that you can use to make sure that your bunny has a great nights sleep. Here is the list of best bedding for rabbits made of household items.

Some of them you probably already have around your home.

1. Newspaper

Something that you will more than likely have laying around.

Shredded up newspaper is a great base to line the floor of your bunnies hutch or cage with. Always try to make sure that it is shredded up small. Your rabbit may want to eat it so try to make sure it does not eat too much otherwise the ink on the newspaper may make it ill.

Always put hay or straw over the newspaper for your bunny, they find it the most comfortable.

2. Wood pellets

Often used in cat litter trays, but can also make a good base for your bunnies hutch.

3. Shredded cardboard

Again chances are you will have some old cardboard boxes around your home.

Shred the cardboard up into thin strips, and it makes a really eco-friendly bedding for your bunny. It also keeps your bunny nice and warm because of the insulation properties that it has.

A great alternative to a newspaper (with no ink on usually).

4. Straw

Straw provides good insulation for your bunny, so they will stay nice and warm and it is a great surface for your bunny to sit on.

5. Hay

You should always ensure that your rabbit has access to hay.

Not only do they love to eat it, but it also makes great bedding too, and will make your rabbits hutch very comfy and cozy.

Always make sure that any hay you get is sweet smelling, not dusty and has no mold on it (if it does replace it and get fresh).

Best bedding for rabbits that you can buy

Of course, there are some fantastic bedding materials that you can also buy your bunny, so let’s take a look at some of them.

1. Carefresh Complete Pet Bedding

Carefresh Complete Rabbit Bedding

Carefresh Complete Pet Bedding – check current price on Amazon

This is a fantastic and really well-priced bedding for your bunny that has no strong smells, perfect to make a cozy place for your bunny to sleep. (It is also one of the best bedding for guinea pigs)

  • 10-day odor control which keeps it fresher for longer
  • Very absorbent
  • 99% dust free
  • Easy to clean up

2. Kaytee Clean and Cosy Lavender Bedding

Kaytee Clean and Cosy Lavender bedding

Kaytee Lavender Bedding – check current price on Amazon

A really fantastic bedding material for your bunny. They will definitely sleep well on this natural lavender scented bedding and at a great price.

  • Keeps odors away
  • Almost completely dust free for cleaner hutch
  • Really easy to clean
  • Safe for your bunny

3. Healthy Pet HPCC Natural Bedding

Healthy Pet HPCC Natural Rabbit Bedding

Healthy Pet HPCC Natural Bedding – check current price on Amazon

This Healthy Pet bedding is super cheap yet a great choice for your bunny to sleep on, and because it is dust free it will ensure your bunny has no nasty breathing problems.

  • Made from reclaimed wood
  • Biodegradable
  • Absorbs moisture from urine
  • Great odor control

4. Vitakraft Fresh World Ultra Strength Crumble Bedding

Vitakraft Fresh World Ultra Strength Crumble Bedding

Vitakraft Fresh World Bedding – check current price on Amazon

This Vitakraft bedding really does keep your rabbit’s sleeping area comfy and smelling great and because it is dust free, it keeps your bunny healthier.

  • Odor free
  • Easy to clean
  • Less mess
  • Absorbs urine easily
  • Made from 100% recycled paper
  • Non-toxic

5. Kaytee Soft Granule Blend

Kaytee Soft Granule Blend

Kaytee Soft Granule Blend – check current price on Amazon

Made from wood fibers, this bedding is a great price and a really soft and comfy place for your bunny to sleep.

  • Highly absorbent
  • Dust free
  • Comfortable
  • Safe and healthy for your bunny

So there we have some of the best bedding for bunnies you can use to ensure that your pet rabbit has a great night sleep.

What do you use in your rabbit’s hutch?

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