How Can You Tell If Your Bunny Is Happy? 5 Signs of a Happy Rabbit

Signs of a happy rabbit

At one point in time, every rabbit owner asks themselves, “Is my bunny happy?” I, myself, have asked that regularly for the last decade of having rabbits. After all, we love our rabbits. Why wouldn’t we want to know?

You try our best, there’s no doubt about that, but how can you actually tell if your rabbits are happy? Well, your rabbits may not be able to say it, but they do have ways of telling us that they’re happy. 

You may not be a pet psychic, but when you learn to read the signs, you’ll be able to see whether or not your bunnies are happy with a single look. Keep reading to learn the signs of happy rabbits.

What Makes Rabbits Happy

Before we get into how you can tell if your rabbits are happy, let’s talk about what makes them happy first. While rabbits tend to get bored easily, they’re also very easy to entertain, and it doesn’t involve expensive toys. Let’s talk about what makes a rabbit happy

Lots of Munchies 

Having a healthy and happy rabbit means providing a healthy diet. You can give your rabbits a variety of dark-leaf greens along with regular never-ending supply of hay, and pallets. Here are some healthy snacks that you can feed to your rabbits with their hay and pellets:

  • Carrot leaves
  • Dark-leaf lettuce
  • Strawberries (not every day due to sugar content)
  • Banana (not every day due to sugar content)

Keeping Your Rabbits Entertained

One thing I’ve learned about owning rabbits is that they need to be entertained to avoid two things: boredom-induced chewing and depression. Hide treats around your rabbit’s area to keep them enticed with their natural foraging instincts. You can also add ladders and tunnels for your rabbit to explore. For more ideas on how to keep your bunnies entertained, jump to this post.

Having Lots of Exercise

There’s no question about it, rabbits are happier when they have space to roam. This gives them the mental stimulation and social interaction they need to be healthy and happy bunnies. It also ensures a healthier digestive tract. 

5 Clear Signs of Happy Rabbits

Happy rabbit body language

Rabbits will tell you that they’re happy through their behaviors and body language. If a rabbit is healthy and happy, here’s what you can look out for to reassure you that your rabbits truly are happy. 

1. Explorative Behavior

The first sign that shows a happy rabbit is when they’re being explorative. It’s not the same explorative that you’ve seen when you first introduced your rabbits to a new area. It’s less hesitant but just as curious. They’ll run around chinning things, exploring anything that seems new and interesting. In their cage, they’ll be foraging through their hay (and sometimes, digging in their shavings or litter box). 

2. Playful Behavior

When rabbits get excited or happy, you’ll be able to see it clearly, through their little hop-twists called binkies. And, like dogs, happy rabbits tend to get the zoomies! They’ll dart from one end of the room to another in joy. You’ll likely see this when rabbits are playing with each other or when you first let them out of their cages. 

3. Interaction with Other Bunnies

When bonded rabbits are happy, they will play with each other, cuddle with each other, and groom each other. You’ll see them chase one another, hop over each other, and when they get tired, they’ll sleep together.

Even when your rabbits haven’t been bonded enough to be left unattended, you’ll notice them trying to interact with each other, if they can. Socialization makes rabbits happy, and if they’re not socializing, there may be something wrong. 

4. Relaxed Body Language

When rabbits are happy, they can relax. You can see that a rabbit is relaxed and happy when they stretch their legs out, laying on their tummies. Their ears will be pointed outward, and their noses will be twitching away. And, if they’re tired out from all their fun, they may even flop over to have a nap.  

5. Affectionate Towards You

Happy bunnies are some of the most affectionate pets! Happy bunnies show their love for you by coming to see you, circling at your feet, and hopping up on the furniture for cuddles. They also show affection by grooming, like tugging at your clothes and even licking you.  

What Could Make My Rabbit Depressed?

Is my rabbit happy?

Just like humans, animals, including rabbits, can develop depression. And if that’s the case for one of your rabbits, there are a few things that can be causing it. Here are the top causes of depression in rabbits:

  • Loneliness: As social animals, rabbits need social interaction. That’s why they’re better in pairs or groups
  • Lack of exercise: A rabbit needs at least 3 hours of exercise per day to stay happy and healthy.
  • Boredom: Rabbits need stimulation to keep their minds sharp. 
  • Underlying illness: being in pain and certain illnesses can cause depression in rabbits.

Signs of a Depressed Rabbit

There are clear signs that you can look out for that can tell you whether or not your bunnies are depressed. Here are some of the signs to look out for:

  • No energy/lethargic behavior even with lots of exercise room.
  • Lack of an appetite, no matter what is offered
  • Isolating from your other rabbit
  • Unusual aggression towards you or your other bunny
  • Pulling out tufts of their hair (with exception to pregnant does)
  • Pacing back and forth in their cage

If your bunny is suddenly showing one or more of these signs, there’s a chance they’re sick or in pain so it’s always best to check with your vet for any potential health problems.


Pets can’t communicate like humans, so as pet parents, we must make sure that our rabbits are healthy and happy. When you’re giving them what they need, you will be able to see it clearly through their natural curiosity, playful behavior, comfort with you, and of course, affection. 

In the absence of these things, you should assess what might be going on. If one of your rabbits is showing signs of unhappiness, ask why? Are they getting enough healthy food options? Are they not getting enough stimulation or exercise? 

Watch your rabbits today and take note of what you see. After reading this article and knowing what to look for, you’ll never have to ask the question, “are my rabbits happy?” again! 

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