Can Bunnies Eat Certain Vegetables and Fruits?

by Pete
What can bunnies eat?

Rabbits are amazingly cute, furry little bundles of pure joy. Although a large percentage of them are still found in the wild, tame bunnies make the perfect pet.

Rabbits are herbivores and if you do have one as a pet at home, the food you give them should mimic what they eat in the wild.

Of course, most good pet stores sell actual rabbit food in pellets, but you can also give them some of your own food that is available in your kitchen right now.

The stomach of a bunny can be pretty sensitive, so anything too out the norm can upset them and make them ill. Like with any pet, if you are going to introduce any new food then do it slowly and over a period of time, and remember not all bunnies like the same things, so try out different things. It will take some time to discover what your rabbit does and doesn’t enjoy eating, but there is definitely a wide variety of food that you can offer them to try.

How do you know if your rabbit enjoys the food you give?

As I mentioned above, introduce any new food gradually. Give them a small portion of the new food and wait for 24 hours. This is where you need to become a poop inspector.

Check the poop, if it is soft or runny then stop giving that food and just give food that he or she is used to. Wait a couple of days until everything seems normal, and then try introducing a new food.

You can experiment with what your own rabbit does and doesn’t like, and I will go into some of the tastiest foods that bunnies do like to eat shortly.

Bunnies are all different, just like us humans and our other furry companions, so if you notice your rabbit not eating something, chances are he or she doesn’t like it.

Obviously, you should not give your little hopping bunny anything too unusual, but by following the upcoming rabbit “menu” you will definitely find something that your rabbit does enjoy.

Wash what you give your rabbit

Just like us and other pets, rabbits can be affected by toxic nasties, so always make sure that you wash whatever food you are giving your bunny thoroughly.

Never pull grass from the side of the road, or from somewhere you do not know to give your rabbit, chances are it could have pesticides on and these can make your bunny seriously ill, even after washing.

Also never give your bunny moldy or out of date food. It is worth following this rule of thumb: if you would not eat it, then your bunny should not be eating it either!

Hay should make the majority of the rabbit’s diet

One thing worth remembering is whatever you do decide to feed your rabbit is you should always give them lots of hay to eat, they love it and eating hay keeps their teeth nice and in shape and their jaw strong (you will know what I mean if your little bunny has ever caught your finger when you feed them).

Try to get the best possible quality hay you can afford. In my experience, you can buy hay much cheaper at farm outlets than you can at your local convenience store or supermarket as they sell it in bulk. But only do this if you have somewhere warm and dry to store the excess hay (so it doesn’t go moldy and damp). You can also use hay for a rabbit bedding.

Rabbits are by their own nature, grazers, so they eat to keep themselves occupied. Having a bundle of hay for them to nibble on not only keeps them healthy (hay provides natural fiber which will keep their tummy healthy) it also keeps them happy as it gives them something to do and will prevent any bad behavior.

Like with any pet, if you notice any unusual behavior or they appear ill or poorly, take them immediately to a vet for medical attention, do not leave it too long as they could get more ill.

Rabbits do have a sweet tooth and generally they love to nibble on fruit that is sweet, however, fruit contains a lot of natural sugars, which can be bad for your rabbit’s health if they have too much.

One thing you need to remember is that you must always ensure that your rabbit has access to clean and fresh water either in a bowl or a dripper bottle.

Okay so on to some of the foods that I have found that bunnies enjoy. Also, read about the best treats you can give your bunny.

What can bunnies eat?

Rabbit food

1. Can bunnies eat apples?

Yes, your rabbit can eat apple and there is a very good chance they will love it. Chop it up into small chunks and do not give them the core or any seeds in the apple.

If it is brown or going off then remove it from them, and keep in mind that apples contain a lot of sugar so they should not be eating it every day.

2. Can bunnies eat grapes?

Yes, they can. However, again, they are high in sugar, and some rabbits find the skin of the grape not too easy to digest, so you may find that they eat the soft juicy flesh in the center but not the outside part.

3. Can bunnies eat strawberries?

Strawberries really are the taste of summer for me, and some bunnies think the same!
However, while rabbits can eat strawberries, in my experience they can cause your rabbit to have an upset stomach.

If you do decide to try your rabbit with strawberries start very very small and do not give them any other sweet fruits, as this will be too much sugar and sweetness.

If you notice any stomach problems immediately remove the strawberries and give your rabbit only “dry” food like hay for a few days.

4. Can bunnies eat bananas?

Bananas are super healthy for us, and generally, rabbits do enjoy eating them. I also noticed that they like to eat the skin of the banana as well (which is really fibrous) and can munch through them pretty easily.

Like all fruits bananas contain a lot of sugar, about a thumb size chunk of banana is a good size to feed your rabbit.

5. Can bunnies eat celery?

I dislike celery, no matter how many dips or sauces I dip it in I can not stand it. That being said, rabbits love it! And it is actually good for them.

Celery is quite “stringy” so it should be chopped up into small cubes before you give it to your rabbit to stop the threads of it getting stuck in their teeth. Like with anything else, always give in small quantities and see how your own rabbit reacts.

6. Can bunnies eat tomatoes?

Rabbits eat tomatoes. They can eat tomatoes without any difficulty but as with any treat, tomatoes should be given in small amounts only. Keep them small and give them once in a while.

7. Can bunnies eat broccoli?

Bunnies eat almost anything, except for meat products. Rabbits will eat broccoli or their leaves if offered. Broccoli is safe and nutritious for bunnies. But first observe if the bunny feels normal. If it shows no discomfort or any loose poo, assume it is safe to give it to him.

8. Can bunnies eat cucumbers?

Cucumbers are not nutritionally dense and hence do not form a very good part of their diet. Give him a cucumber slice once in a while. Too much of it can cause digestive problems.

9. Can bunnies eat spinach?

Spinach has relatively high levels of oxalic acid. Spinach in moderation is good for the rabbits. Others like mustard greens, parsley, etc. have high amounts too. Feed bunnies these greens once in a while and in small quantities.

10. Can bunnies eat carrots?

The stereotype brought about by probably one of the most famous rabbits, Bugs Bunny. So we would think that rabbits love carrots just as much as Bugs does.
Yes, they do, but do not give them the roots as they are high in sugar content. Rabbits can feed on the carrot tops. But it may cause gas, so restrict the amount you give them.

11. Can bunnies eat cabbage?

Cabbage is known to cause gas in humans. It is likely to have the same effect in rabbits. They may bloat or develop diarrhea. Try to avoid.

12. Can bunnies eat kale?

Kale is safe to give to bunnies and is really healthy, they definitely enjoy it in my experience.
There are many more foods that may be considered safe for rabbits to consume.


As I mentioned your rabbit should be fed more of what is their natural food – lots of hay, quality pellets from a pet store, and of course fresh and clean water. Since rabbits are herbivores and are very soft and timid in nature, they should be treated as such.

Bunnies nature, in general, are not aggressive. If anything most bunnies look like soft toys.
Feed them their regular food daily, but once in a while treat them to some fruits or vegetables which they are likely to love and will create a bond between you.

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