Are Bunnies Good Pets? The Pros and Cons Of Owning Pet Rabbits

The pros and cons of owning pet rabbits

Having pet rabbits can be the best time in the world! But don’t be fooled by their size. Having pet bunnies is no less work than having a dog or cat. But, when you’re ready to give the care they need, rabbits will reward you with love and entertainment for their whole life.

A happy and healthy pet bunny can be the best pet you could ever dream of. No barking, meowing, but all the love that any other animal can give! Let’s talk about some of the pros and cons of being a pet parent to rabbits.  

Pros of Having Pet Rabbits

Forming a bond with your pet rabbit

As a rabbit owner for over a decade, I can say that there are endless benefits to having a pet rabbit. They’re very social, loving little cuddlers that love attention. 

And to be honest, they’re extremely entertaining to watch zoom around and play. Let’s talk about some of the best parts of having a pet rabbit.

Rabbits Will Form Close Bonds With Their Humans

Pet rabbits often become very bonded with their paw-rents and will love being by your side, whether you’re on the couch or hopping around your backyard. Bunnies can also be very loyal and will become quite possessive, but not in an aggressive way.  

Rabbits Are Very Social and Interactive

As I mentioned, rabbits are very social little critters. Since rabbits are “herd-bound” animals, they are incredibly interactive, especially with other rabbits. It’s common, and better, to have two rabbits for the sake of fulfilling their social needs.

Rabbits Are Even Better in Pairs

It’s also fun to watch two bonded (and fixed) rabbits play and cuddle together. And, if your pet rabbits have been properly introduced with your other pets, they can be twice as entertaining.  It’s really not that much more work. And, if you’re already getting one, why not?

Pet Bunnies Are Extremely Fun to Watch and Play With

You’ve seen the cute videos around the internet. You know how cute bunnies can be. In fact, that’s probably what prompted you to want a pet rabbit of your very own. You can’t exactly play with them like a dog, but they are very intelligent and can be trained to do tricks and will play with their own toys. 

A Pet Bunny Will Give You Love and Cuddles for a Lifetime

They may have a shorter life expectancy of 8-12 years, but a pet bunny will love you for their whole lifetime. As mentioned, rabbits form close bonds with their humans, so if you have a bunny, you will have a best friend for that rabbit’s whole life. 

Cons of Owning a Pet Bunny

Are rabbits good pets?

A happy and healthy bunny will be one of the best pets you could ever have, but this doesn’t mean that life with a pet rabbit is a walk in the park. As mentioned, they take just as much care and effort as a dog or cat. 

And, like everything else in this world, they can come with their own set of cons. Let’s talk about some of the “not so fun” parts of having a pet bunny.

Rabbits Can Make a Mess

The first thing you should know about owning rabbits is that they can get messy- quick. In most cases, the pet-store cages are too small. And, don’t forget that your pet bunny’s cage is just one big litter box. They will also leave little “drops” of poop wherever they go, so you will want to have multiple litterboxes for the area your pet rabbit runs around in. 

You Will Need to Litter Train Your Pet Bunny

Speaking of the litter box, you’re going to need to litter-train your rabbit, regardless of whether he will have free roam of your home. They do need quite a bit of space to get a sufficient amount of exercise, so you should let your rabbit out in a pen or run of at least 32 square feet so that they can stay healthy and happy. If you decide to give them a run outside, make sure there is plenty of shelter and water available, as well.

Rabbits Will Try to Chew Everything

Pet rabbits can be as stubborn as a puppy and rabbits will test boundaries to see what they can get away with chewing or peeing on. They are bored easily, and need to chew on things for their teeth, so make sure to provide apple or willow sticks to prevent your furniture, shoes, and everything else from being eaten. You can also give them toys that will help their mind, as well as their chewing habits.

Pet Bunnies Can Have Behavioral Issues

Both female and male rabbits can develop behavioral issues that can cause issues in your home. Fixing is an option, but it is expensive and is never guaranteed to fix the issue, especially in males over one year old. At this time, it’s too late. The testosterone has already formed, and neutering will not likely fix behavioral problems. 

Pet Rabbits May Not Be Safe in Your Home

We talked about your rabbit trying to play with one of your other pets, but this isn’t always the case. Rabbits are natural prey for dogs and cats, so if you have other pets in your home, you may want to reconsider getting a pet rabbit. If your other pets are reasonable calm and obedient to you, they can be trained to love a rabbit, but it’s never set in stone. 


When you are willing to take on the effort of another pet, adopting pet rabbits is a perfect choice. It’s no different than having any other pet, but you should be prepared for rabbit ownership to be the best bunny mom or dad you can be.  

Make no mistake, rabbits are not easy starter pets like goldfish. Their cages aren’t a hassle to clean, but they do need regular cleaning. When you give your pet rabbits the right care and a little training, they will reward you with years of love and entertainment. 

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