16 Creative Gifts for Rabbit Lovers & Owners

Gifts for rabbit lovers

Rabbits are good-natured, adorable pets – it’s no surprise they are loved by so many people. These fluffy creatures love to socialize and spend time with their owners. If your friend or a loved one is crazy about rabbits, you’re in the right place. A rabbit-themed gift is something every rabbit lover would love to receive. After all, that’s much better than another pair of black socks!

Here’s my list with 16 awesome gifts for rabbit lovers, rabbit owners, or even the rabbits themselves.

Gifts for Rabbit Lovers

Rabbit Tote Bag

Rabbit tote bag makes a great gift
Image by THATisMYpet – Etsy

A fashionable way to carry groceries, beach essentials, or other personal belongings inside this multipurpose tote bag. It is spacious, durable, and has a cute bunny design. It will catch the eye of many rabbit-loving people. Choose from various sizes and colors, based on what the gift receiver would prefer.

Rabbit Plaque

Rabbit plaque
Image by Penelopesgiftsuk – Etsy

An adorable hanging wooden plaque with rabbit detailing can brighten up any home. It is a decorative idea with a personal touch. This fancy plaque is perfect for room doors, playroom walls, or pet houses. It is a nature-inspired item that is both cute and whimsical.

Coffee Mug with Rabbits

Coffee mug with rabbits
Image by HippoAndKelpie – Etsy

Perk up mornings with a cup of Joe inside an adorable rabbit mug. It is a practical gift that can be used at work or at home. The design is full of cute bunnies that put a smile one everyone’s face. This ceramic mug is dishwasher friendly and the prints are made to last.

Rabbit Earrings

Rabbit earrings
Image by SilverRainSilver – Etsy

Your rabbit lover friend also likes jewelry? These bunny earrings might be the perfect match. This gift combines two things they like – bunnies and jewelry. It is a thoughtful present for birthdays, anniversaries, and other special moments.

Rabbit Leggings

Leggings as a gift for rabbit lovers
Image by MarioGraphicArt – Etsy

Another awesome gift are these snug leggings with bunny patterns. Jogging, walking, yoga, or pilates are much more fun with these on your legs! These leggings are made of stretchable spandex, so doing strenuous activities is not a problem.

Rabbit Print Scarf

Rabbit scarf
Image by LinaScarf – Etsy

This fashionable infinity scarf adorned by rabbits features lightweight polyester that is durable and easy to wear. It matches well will dresses, pants, skirts, or leggings. This accessory is a versatile fashion piece that can suit any look.

Rabbit Phone Case

Phone case with rabbits
Image by AesCollection – Etsy

Protect and decorate gadgets with a rabbit-inspired smartphone case. This durable acrylic case has variants for all major phone brands. It will protect cell phones from unwanted impacts while looking adorably cute.

Rabbit Shirt

Image by HippoAndKelpie – Etsy

This shirt is made of soft cotton fabric and features a funny print “All I want is to hug all of the bunnies”. Your rabbit lover friend will surely understand the need to hug all of the bunnies and love the shirt!

Bunny Slippers

Rabbit slippers
Image by Caramella Bubble Store – Amazon

Your friend will feel like a princess walking on a cloud with these fluffy and comfortable rabbit slippers. The design is as cute as the rabbits themselves. It comes in different styles and colors and features a rubber sole to prevent slipping.

Rabbit-themed Gifts for Kids

Bunnies are very popular with the kids. And although rabbits are not the best starter pets for small children due to their sensitive nature and skittish behavior, they can be a perfect pet for the right people who understand their needs.

Here are some rabbit-themed gifts for kids who are crazy about all things rabbits. These gifts will also help kids unleash their creative side and sense of self-expression.

Rabbit Coloring Book

Coloring book
Image by Molly Schools – Amazon

Unleash kids’ creativity with an adorable coloring book filled with different rabbit designs waiting to be colored. It has multiple pages of fun pictures suitable for toddlers and preschoolers. Help them develop their artistic skills and attention to detail with this coloring book.

Decorative Rabbit Stickers

Rabbit stickers
Image by Bric Dodo – Amazon

Who doesn’t love stickers? Kids can unleash their artistic side by adorning tumblers, notebooks, and other personal belongings with these decorative rabbit stickers. All 50 stickers are unique and waterproof.

Rabbit Stuffed Toy

Stuffed toy
Image by Melissa & Doug Store – Amazon

A huggable bunny stuff toy makes sleeping so much easier for the kids. This gift idea is something kids can play with and use as a pillow. This fluffy buddy is easy to clean and made of durable polyester material. This plush toy will surely be a source of lovely childhood memories to cherish forever.

Gifts for the Rabbit

There are so many fun gifts you can get for your friend who loves and owns rabbits. But how about throwing in a little something for their rabbit too? Their fluffy pet deserves a little treat as well.

Here are a few gifts that the rabbit will appreciate. Rabbits can get bored easily, but with these toys and boredom busters, they’ll have something to do for a long time!

Activity Box for Rabbits

Rabbit activity box
Image by FluffyButtsPetToys – Etsy

Bunnies are active creatures. They love to move around and keep their mouths busy. Giving them an activity box with chewable goodies will keep them occupied doing what they do best. It will surely make them happier and more energetic. It is also a way to keep their molars healthy and in top shape.

Herb Mix

Herb mix for rabbits
Image by Rosewood Pet – Amazon

Rabbits are herbivores, and eating plant-based food is a part of their lifestyle. Gift them with healthy greens that are full of essential vitamins and minerals. A pouch of marigold, dandelion, nettle, and peppermint is a healthy and delicious addition to their everyday diet. It is a yummy treat these fluffy creatures will hoover up like crazy.

Apple Sticks

Apple sticks
Image by Bojafa – Amazon

Apple sticks are a great way to keep rabbits busy and their teeth working. These sticks will help keep their molars in shape. It also relieves them of stress and reduces the risk of other health problems.

Foraging Mat for Rabbits

Foraging mat
Image by TokiHut – Etsy

A fluffy foraging mat is a hit with the rabbits. An owner can hide pellets, soft wood sticks, or other treats in the fabric “veggies” on the surface of the mat. This activity toy allows rabbits to forage as they would in the wild. It exercises their brain and noses as they have to work for food, instead of it being served in a bowl, which is not nearly as fun.

What are you getting as a gift for your rabbit lover friend or family member?

Let us know in the comments!

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