10 Awesome Gifts for Rat Lovers & Rat Owners

by Monika
Gifts for rat lovers and owners

Christmas is approaching and it’s time to start looking for the perfect gift for your loved ones. If your friend or a family member is a big rat lover, there’s no gift better than a rat-themed gift! Whether the rat lover in your life owns pet rats or just adores those fluffy little animals, we have gift ideas they would surely enjoy!

Here is our list of 10 awesome gifts for rat lovers!

Gifts for Rat Lovers & Owners

Mini Custom Pet Rat Portrait

Image by TheCrittersofOz – Etsy

Undoubtedly, one of the most adorable gifts for your rat owner friend. Simply get a hold of one of your friend’s rat photos, and turn it into a lovely hand-painted portrait of their rat. You can choose between a mini custom-painted canvas with easel or without easel.

Cute Rat Coffee Mug

Image by HippoAndKelpie – Etsy

This unique coffee mug is specifically designed for the rat lady in your life. Gifting this awesome mug featuring ‘crazy rat lady’ accompanied by a rat illustration is going to remind her of you every time she enjoys her favorite beverage. Available in two different capacities, i.e. 11 ounces and 15 ounces, this coffee mug keeps it simple yet attractive with its white backdrop for the illustration.

Rat-Shaped Cookie Cutter

Image by Drukowanko – Etsy

Rat lovers who also love to bake are going to be totally delighted with this unique gift that combines their two favorites together. This cleverly crafted cookie cutter lets you transform cookie dough or fondant sheets into cute rat-shaped wonders. Whether they make cookies looking like their pet for the little one’s birthday, or prepare a batch for no reason at all – this cookie cutter is going to rock the scene every single time.

Rat Care Planner

Nothing better than a gift that also doubles up as something functional. And here’s a wonderful example of the same – a printable rat care planner! If your friend owns pet rats or is planning to adopt a few, this planner is going to come super handy in keeping a track of their pet’s health and well-being. Coming for no more than 5 dollars, the planner lets you note all the vet info, medical records, weekly food plans, pet sitting instructions, shopping lists and so much more to make the life of a rat owner easier.

This can also make a great addition to another awesome gift from this list. Simply print the planner, bind it, and wrap it up together with another awesome rat lover gift!

Pet Rat Photo Pendant

Image by LoveHounds – Etsy

If the one you are looking to surprise with a gift loves their pets more than anything else in the world, then this idea is all you need to go for. A pendant necklace that sports a photograph of one of their rats in a beautiful circular pendant. The amazing thing is you can go for the pendant alone, purchase it with an ornament hook, turn it into a key-chain, or get a wearable necklace. Just provide a photograph of your friend’s rat and the magic is done!

Rat Christmas Ornament

Image by AbbyRoseStudios – Etsy

Any rat lover is going to fall head over heels in love with this Christmas tree ornament featuring a rat. They can enjoy the adorable ornament while they adorn the festive tree at the same time. A delicate glass bulb features the artist’s hand drawn, originally designed, cut and floated paper rat enclosed within. Lots of snow like glitter surrounds the cut-out to bring out a perfect winter charm to the ornament. The little rat looks like it is all set to pop out of the bulb to greet one and all.

Gifts for Pet Rats

If your rat lover friend or a family member also has rats as pets, a good idea is to get a functional gift they can use for their adorable pets. New toys and accessories that will make their rats happy is something every rat owner would love to get.

But make sure you do your research when purchasing a gift that is intended for pet rats because there are products out there that are sold labeled as suitable for rats but are actually not suitable and are unhealthy. Experienced rat owners already know what is safe or not safe to use so make sure you research whether a product is really safe for the rats so you don’t end up buying an unusable product for your rat lover friend! But with our list, you can’t go wrong.

Comfortable Rope Perch

How about exercising those super tiny rodent feet with a comfortable perch rope that you can bend or twist to get fun shapes. This multi-colored cotton rope easily connects to a wire cage while holding the shape, which makes it a great climbing toy. It surely kills boredom and gives the pet an additional way to move around the cage.

Double Bunk-Bed Hammock

Another name for comfort and coziness, this double bunk-bed hammock is a super cool gift for pet rats and their owner. It’s made of quilted soft fleece, letting your pet relax on the upper bed or snuggle on the bottom swinging layer. Rats love soft surfaces to play and bounce, which is why this hammock proves to be one of the most fun-filled presents for them.

Rope Net Activity Toy

Rats can never get enough of climbing and running around the cage and this cotton rope net is perfect for them to express those natural behaviors. This toy encourages exercise and movement and keeps the rats agile and healthy. Your rat owner friend will surely love to see their pets having fun with this practical toy.

Durable Eco-Friendly Chew Toys

This entertaining toy set has got 12 different types of chew toys that will provide hours of chewing fun for the little rodents. A healthy teeth growth coupled up with lots of swinging, playing, rolling, and so much more – who wouldn’t want this for their tiny furry friend? These chew toys range from pine nuts to apple tree branches, unicycle to bell roller, ball swing to molar strings and more.

We hope our list helped you find a great gift for your rat lover friend, or at least inspired your quest for the perfect rat-themed gift!

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Grace June 30, 2021 - 7:49 am

this article really helps, because now I know what i am going to get my rats as a present! Thank you!

Emi November 26, 2021 - 10:18 am

Thank you! This is really helpful! I’m exited to buy my rats domething for Christmas.. Xx


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